A 23-year veteran of the U.S. Army and currently West Virginia’s Secretary of State, Mac Warner is the battle-tested leader

READY to fight for you.

• Build a great economy
• Empower our coal and energy industries
• Stand with law enforcement and for public safety
• Demand law and order
• Wage war on the opioid addiction crisis
• Fix education
• Defend the rights of parents
• Protect the family as the center of West Virginian life
• Fight for life and the Second Amendment
• Protect girls’ sports and fight for our values

Why I’m Running

“I’m running because I believe we haven’t seen the true glory of what our state can be. I’m a battle-tested leader who will fight back against the politicians in DC and forge a new, better path forward for West Virginia.”
– Mac Warner

America First Patriot • Constitutional Conservative • Family Man

Meet Mac

Mac Warner has given his life to service and promoting American ideals

​Patriot & U.S. Army Veteran

After graduating from West Point, Mac served more than 23 years in the U.S. Army. Mac knows that leaders emerge from battle – experienced, trusted and ready to work hard and confront the challenges of tomorrow.

Battle-Tested Leader

As Secretary of State, Mac has led our state through the most contentious issue of our time – election integrity. Thanks to Mac’s hard work, West Virginia is now widely recognized as the national leader in election cybersecurity.

Family Man

Mac is a sixth generation West Virginian. He’s a proud husband, father of four adult children, who are all past or present members of the military, and grandfather of six. He wants his grandkids — and yours — to be West Virginians for life.


Mac Warner is READY to go to battle for you. He is a constitutional conservative and America-First patriot. Mac stands strong for:
• Freedom
• Liberty
• Conservative values
• Individual responsibility

While politicians and bureaucrats in D.C. ignore us and try to change our way of life, Mac will fight back and forge a new, better path forward for West Virginia.

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